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My 1st realistic UGA football prediction, ever.

Friday, June 26th, 2009

georgiabulldogsAfter an intense logical and emotional study of the Dawgs 2009 schedule, I have determined that we will win the National Championship this year.  I’m pretty sure that we will also go undefeated.


     First off, our team will be much more grounded this year and will be extremely team oriented.

     Secondly, our schedule sets up perfectly for the ultimate run at the National Championship.

1-At Oklahoma State-This is huge!  OSU is actually looking past us!  We’ll win this one  convincingly, leading to a huge jump in the polls.

2-South Carolina-Lots of visor throwing and uncomfortable smirks.

3-At Arkansas-This will be a close one, but we will pull it out.

4-Arizona State-Humidity Baby!  They won’t know what to think at Sanford Stadium, big win.

5-LSU-They don’t beat us at home, period.

6-At UT-Welcome to the SEC, Lane.

7-At Vandy-We do what we’re supposed to do.

8-So called neutral site Jacksonville-UF-We just had a week off to prepare, Florida just got back from a scare at Starkville.  I don’t think Meyer will be calling celebratory time-outs at the end of this one.

9-Tennessee Tech-Time to get well.

10-Auburn-They’re not quite there yet.

11-Kentucky-Closer than it should be, but we prevail in the 4th.

12-Georgia Tech-Let’s tackle this time.  Go on and hold us to 42 points again.

13-SEC Championship-Alright Saban, here’s your payback.

14-BCS Championship-Bring it on Big (insert number here).

Any Questions?