How to Hit a Golf Ball

bananasFor those of you that think golf is just hitting and chasing a little white ball around, here is how I hit a golf ball.

Tee it up, not so high that I swing under it, but high enough so that it hits right in the middle of the driver. Step back, look at the shot, line up the shot, approach the ball. Put left, big toe even with the ball and far enough away so that my back will be straight, my arms will run in a straight line with the club, not too close but not too far away. Grip the club. Wrap left pinkie around the end of the grip, make sure club balances between palm and pinkie, then place thumb down the center of the grip and let the other fingers fall into place around the shaft. Knowing that my default grip is a little weak, twist left hand a little more to the right until the head of the club is slightly closed. Interlock right pinkie and let fingers of right hand loosely wrap around the shaft making sure the left thumb sits snugly in the middle of the right palm, right thumb goes straight down the shaft, same as the left. Move my right foot up, even with the left, making sure they are a little farther apart than my shoulders are wide. Address the ball, make sure I’m the right distance from the ball, where the head of the club rests comfortably on the ground, keeping my body and arms in the optimal position, the ball should be a little past center on the face of the club, towards the toe. Now waggle. Loosen grip, break wrists back and forth, make sure my knees are perfectly bent, sway left to right to loosen my hips, make sure my back is straight but loose, make sure my feet are comfortable in their shoes. Look up and visualize the entire shot. Look back down at the ball and pick a concentration point on the ball to stare at to keep my head down! Visualize the entire swing in your mind and pause and relax. Use core muscles to start the long sweeping backswing, don’t break wrists until the last moment, let my weight transfer smoothly from the left foot to the right, don’t take the club too far past parallel, pause. Pop my hips, launch my downswing, again starting with my core muscles, pulling my arms through. Let weight start naturally shifting back from the right leg back to the front, building up all this power that will be released when my wrists finally release, all that torque, all that power. Let the head of the club come through the swing and end up right where it started, just above the lowest point of your swing, on the way back up, releasing all of the built up energy into the ball, which is now egg shaped, instead of round. Let my eyes follow the head of the club up as my follow through mirrors my backswing, keep looking up until my eyes find the ball again and follow it to see where it goes, as I hold the perfect follow through stance. Wait untill the ball comes to rest, put the driver up, and go do it all over again.

That’s option A.  Option B is to go through all of the motions listed above, lift your head up right before you hit the ball, to see where it goes.  Top the son of a bitch, and watch it shoot straight into the woods.

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