UGA prediction continued

georgiabulldogsI want to go on record.  In many of the years passed, I have made some extremely accurate predictions that were not documented, and people seem to forget that I was the one that said it 1st!  (Eg.  I said D.J. Shockley would have a great season in his one year to shine…SEC title.  When I saw Barack Obama at the 2004 DNC, I said, ‘there’s your next President’.  I could go on and on.)   So this year, I am documenting my statements so there will be proof.

-I still stand behind my earlier prediction, (please see archives), that Georgia will go undefeated and win the National Championship.  If somehow, OSU did pull off a miraculous victory, it would only inspire us more to go on and win the rest of our games and secure the crystal trophy.
Here’s why…

-Offensive and Defensive lines.
Our O-line played through some very trying times last season and they developed as a solid unit.  We are getting back a huge talent from injury.
Someone will emerge from our strong and experienced D-line as a game-changer,  once again making UGA a powerhouse on defense.  Not to mention, Willie is coaching for his job this year!

-Our QB is extremely talented and has been studying and practicing this offense for over 3 years.  He will succeed.
-A running back will step up and be a solid performer, with many other quality options platooning in, to keep him fresh.  They may not hurdle any players, but they will get the job done.

-We won’t have to listen to every sports reporter talk about our future NFL, 1st round pick, quarterback. By the way, I don’t know if Mel Kiper gets enough credit for his prediction that Stafford would be the 1st overall NFL draft pick…He said this before Stafford’s 1st season at Georgia!

-This year we have a TEAM, not a collection of individuals.

-There is not a game on our schedule that is not winnable and in most, we have an advantage.

Florida will fall, mightily.  If you keep telling someone over and over and over again, how great they are…They will eventually prove you wrong.  Maybe we’ll even learn what Tebow’s darkside is…You know he’s got one.

Go Dawgs!

4 Comments to “UGA prediction continued”

  1. Brian Mingus says:

    I hope your string of good predictions doesn’t stop now. I heard we were going to be around 6 point dogs against OSU. That suprises me, and will probably cost me $100.

  2. Talking Monkey says:

    I’m with you. I guarantee you that line drops substantially by kick-off.

  3. Brian Mingus says:

    Line not moving yet.

    Maybe you and I know more than the average person. That’s the only way I can figure it.

  4. Talking Monkey says:

    I still say it will be around 3 close to kickoff.

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