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A Small Request

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Dear Coach Richt,
Please take it easy on Florida this coming Saturday.  They’re supposed to win it all and be the best team in the nation, but they’re really tired and possibly overrated.  The officials are on board, and are going to do all they can to keep Florida #1, but sometimes even that is not enough.  Sure, if Georgia upset Florida, it could salvage a disappointing season for the Dawgs, but think about the big picture.  We all need Florida to win out and play Alabama in the SEC Championship Game and then go on to win the National Championship.  Come on coach, think about Timmy and Urbie.  They deserve this, and who are you to take it away from them?  You can make it look interesting, but don’t actually beat our Gators.  If you play ball, we might let you win it all, sometime down the road.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


(Obviously, this letter is completely made up, by the monkey, to make fun of all the love flowing Florida’s way.  If this statement surprises you, you really should  never read again.   Again, this is not real, so please don’t sue me.)