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Dear Talking Monkey,

I am not feeling it today Monkey…how about you?  Also, how about those…(dots) everyone seems to be using these days.  Is it just me or is everyone using more of the ….  lately.  Also, how do we know when to use three dots, four, when does it stop….Anyway, inquiring minds want to know.






Hey HOH,

Great question.  I too have noticed the increased usage of the dot dot dot, and I am a repeat offender myself.  I believe three periods go together to represent a significant pause between thoughts.  Question marks and explanation points can be used in the same fashion to say, “I am questioning this 3x more than normal”, or “I am triple excited!”.   It is also accepted in casual writing to put as many periods as you want, to increase the length of your pause.  I believe Morris and Randy, from Sling Blade, do a great job of explaining the dot dot dot method. 


Peace and Love,


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  1. Monkey's Uncle says:

    I believe 3 dots are used when you have a pause in a sentence, then continue your thought. 4 dots are used if you start a new sentence after the dots.

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