Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve

santaSanta’s Private Reserve Ale

Rogue Ales

Newport, Oregon


Dark Amber color.

Sweet malt aroma with a touch of Spruce.

This beer is Christmas.  There are plenty of nice, warming Winter Ales out there with their heavy malt, their warming alcohol, and their cloves and spices.  All of these ales do comfort in Winter, but this offering from Rogue is a Christmas Beer.  It is huge and malty, warming and delicious, and stirred with a Christmas tree.  They used just the right type and amount of hops to remind you that this is Christmas, this is a Christmas beer.  I now understand how Santa gets it all done in one night…He’s gotta get back home to this!  I have a new holiday beer.  Go get yourself one…or six.  I’ve seen it available in 22’s and six packs.  Where are the half gallon growlers?  Now there’s a festive holiday gathering.  This is a wonderfully well balanced beer that leans toward the hoppy side. 


9.5  Bananas!

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