Rogue Yellow Snow IPA

ysnowYellow Snow IPA

Rogue Ales

Newport, Oregon

Pale golden color, cloudy from dry-hopping.

Citrusy, piney hop aroma.

I knew what I was getting into with an IPA from Rogue, but whoooweee!  That is hoppy!  I know there is malt in here somewhere, but this beer is all about the hops.  It’s hops in the front, middle and back.  Not for the hop dabbler, this is full blown bitter.  I know there is plenty of alcohol in here, (a little tipsy after half a 22), but them boys out’in the Northwest know how to manip-ulate their hops.  Good stuff, but not for the feint hopp-ed.  As it warms in my glass, I’m starting to see where the name came from.  If you can’t get enough hops, then try this…You will.


8.7 Green Bananas

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