The Plan

georgiabulldogsSorry for the delay, but this was written the week before the Kentucky game.  I thought it was better to post it,  ‘as is’, rather than edit it to fit.  Please to enjoy…


   Congratulations Coach Richt, it looks like your plan is going to work, and what a gutsy plan it was.  There aren’t many coaches out there with the cohonas to throw a season, just to get revenge on your in-state rival.  You knew that we didn’t have the team to go all the way this year, so you worked out this plan, and it is genius!  You have lost just enough games, some VERY convincingly, to take us completely out of the minds of the Kings of the Mighty ACC.  Georgia Tech players are barely even thinking about Clemson!  Much less the poor, lowly Georgia Bulldawgs,that Tech will be forced to dress out and show up for, to be handed their win.  This weekend, while the Nuisance Pests, I mean Yellow Jackets, are out celebrating how great they are, the Bulldawgs have to barely squeak out a win against Kentucky, just in case any Jackets happen to be watching.  That’s right, Tech has an off week this weekend, so they can spend two weeks making their plans for another Co-National Championship.

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