Thomas Creek Imperial IPA

TCIPAUp the Creek Extreme IPA
Thomas Creek Brewery
Greenville, S.C.
12.5% ABV

Deep ruby red color.
Smells like burnt sugar,(I mean that in a good way), candied hops.

Man, I love what these guys are doing.  I haven’t had a Thomas Creek beer yet that I didn’t really like!  I don’t know if everything they’re trying in this beer works, but it is super-fun trying to find out.  I think it does work.  I think it’s all there.  Obviously, at 12.5 % ABV, there is plennnnnnnnty of malty backbone, but there’s a whole lotta bitter in there too.  The wonderfully bitter finish hangs around substantially between sips.  I wonder if it should be called a Barleywine.  Whatever it is, it’s great.


9.4 Bananas.

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