One Alpaca to Another

I saw some Alpaca walking through a pasture, the other day, and I wondered what they were thinking.  Here’s a possible conversation between a Brown Alpaca(BA) and a White Alpaca(WA)…It’s in Spanish, so I’ll translate.

Just ignore the Jackass in the back.

Please ignore the Jackass in the back.

WA: Man, where are we?
BA: Georgia, I think.
WA: What is Georgia?
BA: It’s a State.
WA: What’s a State?
BA: It’s just a place that we live in.
WA: I thought we lived in that barn over there.
BA: We do, but that barn is in Georgia.
WA: Man, you are blowing my mind!  So, we are from Georgia?
BA: Nah…Nobody’s actually from Georgia.


BA: Why do people keep calling us llamas?
WA: I don’t know…What’s a llama?
BA: I don’t know, but I think they look like us.
WA: What do we look like?
BA: Ricardo Montalban.

BA: Hey man, you want some grass?
WA: Nah, I’m trying to quit.
BA:  Seriously? Why?
WA: I don’t know, I got some the other day, and I swear, it had some weird shit in it.
BA: Dude!!!  Did you like, freak out? 
WA: No, but my breath was pretty bad for a couple of days.

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Just ignore the Jackass in the back.

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