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I’m, too Texty for this Car

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

Picture's real, speedometer's a little screwy.

   As of July 1st, 2010, it will be illegal to text while driving in Georgia.  No more texting while driving?!
I guess that’ll be the end of my texting!  That’s pretty much the only time I do text!  And how are the cops going to know that I’m texting…and not just emailing, or on the internet, or using Google maps, or writing a blog?  Next thing you know, all those things will be illegal too!
   All kidding aside, I usually don’t support any new laws that directly affect me, but I’m on board with this one.  Honestly, I know how dangerous this is, but I won’t stop doing it until I’m forced to, and a $150 fine is quite the deterrent.  I swear, I almost wreck every time I text while driving; and I think I’m pretty good at it!  I know there are people out there that are much worse drivers than me!  They should definitely not be texting and driving.  Woo, gotta go!  This traffic’s getting a little heavy.