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Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

(Just a few random thoughts, sorry if I incidentally plagiarize, but there are really no original thoughts left, are there?  I believe that every time I have a ‘great’ thought, 250,000 other people have, or have had, the same thought.  They just didn’t put it on the internet.)

(Funny sidenote:  My internet based, blogging software’s spellcheck flagged the word internet.)


-Make the right choice and you may celebrate briefly.

Make the wrong choice, and you may suffer forever.


-People should see you,

 when you are sure no one is looking.


-Get to work 15 minutes early and nobody notices,

but show up 15 minutes late…


-Choosing the shortest, easist path,

can often lead to the longest journey.


-Road Rage is horrible, dangerous, and a little bit awesome.


-The Wise actually know very little.

Only the Ignorant know everything.



Greatness will come.

I am great,

I’ve been told all my life how great I am.

The world will see,

Greatness will come.


This is strange.

I’m sure I am great,

and I should have been ordained as great by now,

but I am actually living less than great.

That’s okay, I’ll just keep waiting.

Greatness will come.


That’s it, I give up!

There’s nothing great about me!

He’s great, and she’s great…And they’re great!

This isn’t fair!

Why are they given greatness, and I get nothing!

I was supposed to be great!

Without greatness, I am nothing!

I might as well just work hard,

like all the ordinary people.

Greatness Came.





Freedom is Dead

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Well that’s it, our freedom has been taken away.  It all started with a bump in the night…

My almost two year old daughter had been crying in her crib for a few minutes, and I was trying to decide whether I was being a tough parent or an awful parent.  The crying stopped suddenly with a thud. I was going through all the possible scenarios of what could have happened as I slowly
looked upstairs, toward her closed door.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Her door was opening!  In one motion, I threw my laptop, bounded across the coffee table and sprinted up the stairs (We didn’t have a gate at the top of the stairs yet!)

I was about 3/4 of the way up the stairs when she turned the corner and met me face to face.  (Have you ever seen the movie Halloween?  Remember the scene with little Mikey standing at the top of the stairs, wearing his cute little clown costume, holding a bloody butcher’s knife?  That’s kind of what my daughter looked like, sans clown suit and bloody knife.  She had this look on her face that said many things at once…

“Look what I can do now!”

“Your baby jail will hold me no longer!”

“I know where you sleep!”

“What’ya doing?  Relaxing?  Having a beer and watching a little TV?  You told
me it was night-night time!  Is this what you people do every night?  Good luck
pulling that off again…EVER!!!”

So now, everything has changed.  We finally got her back to sleep in her crib, but my wife and I slept with one eye open the rest of the night.  (I thought as I dozed off:  What about a crib with barbed wire around the top?  I could paint it white, or maybe pink.  I can hear the naysayers now, “You can’t put barbed wire around the top of a crib!”   I know, razor wire would be much more effective, but come on.  I’m no animal!)
The next day I bought and installed a gate for the stairs and finished toddler-proofing her room.  I planned on changing her convertible bed from a crib to a toddler bed, but didn’t quite make it.  My wife assured me, “Don’t worry,
she won’t do that again.”

Then it came: Thump! And there she was, wandering down the hall, hell bent on getting into bed with us.  That’s when the
battle began between my wife and my daughter, with me caught in the middle.  My daughter would get up, come to my side of the bed and stare at me with her, “You can’t tell me no.”, eyes.  I would turn to my wife and foolishly, attempt to speak.  She would just shake her head and turn away.  (Translation: “Get up and take her back to bed!”

I do take her back to bed, and so begins the 3+ hour war of attrition in the hall between her room and ours.  I personally don’t have a problem with her sleeping with us.  It’s pretty much the only time she allows any display of affection.  (Hmm, kind of sounds like her mother; Must be genetic!)

Her mother does have a point, though: I don’t want her developing any long-lasting, bad habits…

I can hear it now, “Mom, Dad, this is Bruce”.

I reply, “It’s nice to meet you Bruce, but that’s my pillow!  Now scooch on
over son, this bed is only a queen.”

(Those of you that know me will realize this story was started quite a while ago, and just now finished.  Sorry for the delay.  My daughter is now in a full size bed, so the only bumps in the night lately are when she falls out of the bed.  Apparently, the worrying never ends.)

Ask The Monkey – Volume 2

Sunday, July 17th, 2011
Picture from

Picture from

Talking Monkey,

You say that you enjoy shows with monkeys in them, but not people in monkey suits. I find myself wondering about monkey movies. For example, the original King Kong is right out, due to the fellow in the monkey suit. (I understand that they had a real giant ape to play the part but couldn’t afford the catering, or subsequent clean up). But what about Gorillas in the Mist, or Cargo, (that had a cameo of Jimmy Buffett you know) or even the remake of Planet of the Apes, in which people are not in monkey suits, BUT, are dressed up like monkeys. If you could take time out of your busy day to clarify this matter for me, it would be much appreciated!


Frank The Tank





Thank you for reading, Mr. The Tank.  It appears I may have painted with too broad a stroke:  Thank you for pointing this out. 

In my “About the Talking Monkey” post I was more focused on my enjoyment of monkeys (apes) acting human and had a few bad examples of monkey suits stuck in my mind. 

In regards to your King Kong example, you may want to check your facts.  While using a real, giant ape for filming would be a great inconvenience, I’m pretty sure that’s what happened.  There were no humans large enough to play that role.  However, in the new version of King Kong, that was not an authentic giant gorilla.  That was clearly a CGI ape (Comprehensive Gorilla Inbreeding). 

In the Planet of the Apes remake, those were highly evolved, humanesque apes, so they had to be costumes.  Apes that smart would never work with Marky-Mark. 

As far as Cargo goes, I’ll try to find the other person that watched that movie, and get a second opinion.

Thanks again for your question, Mr. The Tank.  I agree that there are some examples of good movies with guys in ape suits, but I still prefer the real thing.  Well, I’ve got to go.  This monkey suit is starting to itch.