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Terrapin Hopzilla

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

hopzillaHopzilla Imperial IPA-Side Project v.12
10.8% ABV
Terrapin Brewing Co.
Athens, GA (AKA God’s Country)

Color:  Iridescent, golden hue with crisp white foam.
Aroma:  Candied Pine sap.

How dare you question Terrapin’s ability to over-hop a beer!  At 110 IBU’s, the hoppy side of me is very happy, but at 10.8% ABV the malty side of me is happy for the crisp, malty support.  Nice, earthy bitter finish.  I think Terrapin took some heat from hopheads for Hopsecutioner, which I love, not being hoppy enough.  This behemoth should shut them up.  I bet there are thousands of Japanese running from this beer already!  This beer is up there with Lagunitas Hop Stoopid, Oskar Blues Gubna, and Harpoon Leviathan:  All super-hopped beers that seem really bitter at first, but halfway through your first one, you realize, thisisreallygoodbeer!!!

I appear to be losing the ability to type but, moral of the story:

 A. This is the lightest, coolest color, (seriously, the color is like a hologram! Freaky!), of any Imperial IPA I’ve ever had!

B.  There is plenty of hop goodness and complexity in this brew.

 C. This is really, really good beer, and I like you.  No, seriously,  I don’t say it enough.  You know<Hiccup!> I mean, you GET me.  YouknowwhatImean???

“Whoa…No!  I think I’m gonna throw…Throw up Hopzilla! Woo-oooo-ah”
(Sang in the style of Blue Oyster Cult‘s Godzilla, in case you didn’t get it.)

Just kidding, I would never waste a beer this delicious!

Seriously though, I only have one swallow left and I don’t want this beer to end.  Oh well, here goes…

9.75 Bananas

UGA 21st, Tech 17th…Seriously?

Thursday, August 12th, 2010


I just heard that another useless preseason poll, (please refer to 2008 preseason polls for proof), has ranked the Smellow Jackets ahead of the Mighty Bulldawgs.  Really???  How many of these ‘qualified’ voters would actually bet money that Georgia Tech will finish the season ranked higher than UGA?  And from that small percentage of voters, how many would put their money on Tech in the Georgia game at Sanford Stadium?  Obviously, if they are that much better than us, then they should have no issues dispensing with the poor, lowly Bulldawgs.  Right?
   Hey, I’m not knocking Tech.  They were triumphant over the mighty ACC last year and represented their conference in the Orange Bowl…Well, their name was on the scoreboard, but I’m not sure they actually showed up for the game.  I kind of liked Paul Johnson, when he first arrived at Tech, because he said what he thought.  But that whole Georgia Tech thing is starting to rub off on him, and the inferiority complex is starting to affect his way of thinking.  I hope he sets ‘beating Georgia’ as one of his ‘team goals’ this year.  I guess he’ll tell us after the game.



Thursday, August 12th, 2010

monkeyreadingI love reading a good book.  Stephen King is my favorite author.  I love the way his stories draw me in and transport me away to whatever world he’s made up this time.  The only problem is, the place I do all my reading.  I think it’s very common for people to read in this room.  It’s very private.  There are no distractions, so you can concentrate totally on whatever it is you’re reading at the time.  The downside is, it’s not very healthy to spend an hour or more, in this position.  So, I have been trying hard to find another place to read.  Finally, the other night, I was able to lay in bed, with the lamp on, and get totally immersed into a novel.  I actually finished the book!  Unfortunately, now I’m going to have to throw out the sheets.