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Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

(Just a few random thoughts, sorry if I incidentally plagiarize, but there are really no original thoughts left, are there?  I believe that every time I have a ‘great’ thought, 250,000 other people have, or have had, the same thought.  They just didn’t put it on the internet.)

(Funny sidenote:  My internet based, blogging software’s spellcheck flagged the word internet.)


-Make the right choice and you may celebrate briefly.

Make the wrong choice, and you may suffer forever.


-People should see you,

 when you are sure no one is looking.


-Get to work 15 minutes early and nobody notices,

but show up 15 minutes late…


-Choosing the shortest, easist path,

can often lead to the longest journey.


-Road Rage is horrible, dangerous, and a little bit awesome.


-The Wise actually know very little.

Only the Ignorant know everything.



Greatness will come.

I am great,

I’ve been told all my life how great I am.

The world will see,

Greatness will come.


This is strange.

I’m sure I am great,

and I should have been ordained as great by now,

but I am actually living less than great.

That’s okay, I’ll just keep waiting.

Greatness will come.


That’s it, I give up!

There’s nothing great about me!

He’s great, and she’s great…And they’re great!

This isn’t fair!

Why are they given greatness, and I get nothing!

I was supposed to be great!

Without greatness, I am nothing!

I might as well just work hard,

like all the ordinary people.

Greatness Came.