This is a new category to honor an old friend, that left us way too soon.  I will update frequently, so please comment or email with any Hampisms you would like to share.

-“Whatever you do, never put chicken skin in your garbage disposal.”


-“Never bet on a streak to end.”


-“I slept in a nice clean ditch!”


-“Stop calling me that, I don’t like it.”, after multiple attempts by me to establish the nickname ‘Hampy Go Lucky’.


-“You can still feel her spirit here, though.”, after driving out to the witch’s house, only to find the house had been demolished.  (Not sure if Hamp or I said that, but we both kind of shrugged our shoulders and left.)


-“You dishonor this man’s profession, by smoking in a non-smoking cab!”  (Not sure these were the exact words, but the sentiment is correct.  He was not very happy with me.)


-From Nick while riding through Downtown Macon, coming back from Georgia-Florida, “Hamp, are you going to just disregard every redlight in the city of Macon?”, after we had ran about three in a row.  Hamp promptly slammed on brakes in the middle of an intersection.


-Hamp-“Let me try a bite of that Filet.”

Me-“But Hamp, I just thawed it out!”

Hamp-“I know, but it looks so good, I want to try it raw.”

He really seemed to enjoy it.


-” So, Power, when did you become the moral compass of this nation?”


“Some people may call it a fishing lodge, I call it a trailer. HA!”


-Question: “Hamp, what are you gonna tell those trick or treaters, who come to your house and you have no candy and they say trick or treat?”
Hamp: “I choose trick!”

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